Trick or Treat for Change

TrickOrTreatTrick or Treat for Change is an annual fundraiser that we organize on Halloween (October 31st) of each year.  We gather students to volunteer to dress up as construction workers and where Habitat t-shirts and hard hats and work belts and go around to local neighborhoods asking for any spare change to donate towards the Habitat mission!  This is a super fun event that the students really enjoy.  It only takes about 2 hours of your evening and we go out pretty early normally.  You go out in groups of people so that you aren’t going around to houses by yourself and we provide you with a general script you can follow that will give the potential donors information about our organization and what their donations will be used for.

If you’d be interested in joining us on this event (costumes provided), please contact Kristina Throne at

Trick or Treat Sign Up Sheet