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This year’s ride will be October 22-23.

If you have questions, please contact Connor at cguingr@purdue.edu

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About Habitat

The Purdue University Habitat for Humanity Chapter is a nonprofit Christian housing organization. By partnering with low-income families to build simple, decent homes, Habitat works toward its goal of eliminating poverty housing. Purdue Habitat for Humanity works with Habitat for Humanity of Lafayette and with other local Habitat affiliates to construct homes in the area.

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Purdue University’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity is one of the largest student-run organizations on campus.  We provide our members with opportunities to get involved and make a difference not only in Lafayette, but also in other surrounding communities in need.  We arrange weekend trips every Saturday to sites in the local area, trips over spring break around the nation, a summer international trip, some pretty awesome bike rides, and also have numerous fundraising, awareness, and social events throughout the year!

Our mission is working to eliminate poverty housing and to get students passionate about helping others and their community. Purdue Habitat raises money to sponsor construction of our own home in Lafayette and strives to educate the Purdue-Lafayette community about the problem of poverty housing in the United States and around the world.

Recent Events

Thank you to our Future Home Sponsors!!!!!

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A new crew!

Congratulations to our new Administration board. We have some returning people, but we have a large new crowd of great people. Our transitional meeting is Friday May 29th to finish the torch passing. Thank you for everyone who ran and didn’t make the cut. Don’t give up, we always have a position available.

Build Eight (3/5/16)

We had tons of fun this weekend with spending hours in the crawlspace, finishing what needs to be done. Also, we had our share of painting and had a great time!

Build Seven (2/27/16)

Once again, weather was manageable minus the extreme wind. It was a good day for Crawfordsville and Lafayette to get things done. Unfortunately, our photos disappeared in cyberspace! Hopefully we can find some copies to share with you.

Build Six (2/20/16)

This weekend we were fortunate to have nicer weather for our Saturday build! Volunteers spent the day in both Crawfordsville, doing yet some more painting, and in Lafayette, continuing work on our student chapter house.

Build Five (2/13/16)

Despite the single digit temperatures in the early morning, we headed out to Crawfordsville and Lafayette! We helped do trimwork on a house near Wabash College in Crawfordsville, and continued on the student build in Lafayette.

Build Four (2/6/15)

Purdue Habitat sent groups of student volunteers to both Crawfordsville and Lafayette, working on the student chapter’s house and other projects. We learned that the tentative completion date for our house is this May!

Build Number Three (1/30/2016)

We took advantage of the warm weather (the temperature reached 50 degrees!) to work on the Purdue Habitat-sponsored house and a second house in Lafayette. We also sent students to Crawfordsville to work with the local affiliate there.

The Second Build (1/23/2016)

We continued working on the house in Lafayette that our Purdue student chapter is sponsoring. (We raised the ~$55,000 required to build the house, which will be repaid by the partner family into Habitat’s “revolving fund” through a no-interest mortgage.) We also sent a group of students to Crawfordsville.


First Build of the Semester (1/16/2016)

We kicked off the spring semester the right way with a Saturday build in Lafayette! Although it was cold, everybody had a great time.

Bucket 100! (10/3/2015 & 10/4/2015)

Bucket 100 is an annual 130+ mile bike-ride fundraiser for Purdue Habitat for Humanity that takes place over one weekend in the fall semester. We start out from Memorial Mall bright and early Saturday morning and make it to IU’s Memorial Stadium in Bloomington by mid-afternoon Sunday. This year, Bucket 100 took place on October 3rd and 4th, 2015, and we raised over $9,000! The ride was a ton of fun, and many thanks to all who participated!