Care Packages Information

What is the care package program?

The care package program is a fundraiser that helps our club fund the houses that we build. Purdue Habitat partners with OCM to send care package order forms to the families of students. The families order care packages through OCM. The care packages are then delivered to campus and distributed from the Stewart Center. Students should be notified by text and email with details about how to pick up their care package.

What if missed the scheduled time to pick up my care package?

Not to worry! We keep all care packages for at least several weeks after distribution (usually longer). If you missed the time to pick up your care package, please stop by our office hours (listed on the right panel) to pick it up.

My family says they ordered a package but I haven’t been notified at all!

It is our top priority to make sure every student receives the care packages their parents ordered for them. If you think you were supposed to receive a care package but haven’t been notified, please let us know.

Any questions should be directed to Samaah at ““.

Thank you for supporting our care package program!